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Massage4mum offers complimentary soft and deep tissue massage for a variety of clients including prenatal treatments. Our bodies are continusouly put through our paces, whether it be through work-related repetitive strains, recreational sport injuries and even tense muscles from physical or mental stress. A variety of massage treatments are offered and tailoured to your needs. If you need a more gentle relaxing treatment to help alleviate physical symptoms of stress, then a soft tissue massage can help to improve circulation, boost the immune system and decrease levels of stress, helping to alleviate other stress related aches and pains such as migranes. If your injury is preventing you from carrying our your usual daily pursuits and you are experiencing those niggling pains that requires firmer pressure, then a deeper treatment would be beneficial.

The benefits of massage

A firmer massage, which focuses on areas of tension and breaking down chronic fibrous adhesions. This will promote improved circulation and boosts the immune system.

A relaxing full body treatment to destress and unwind. Massage oils may be used to aid circulation and help lymphatic drainage.  

A pre-natal treatment that is designed to alleviate painful symptoms during pregnancy such as headaches and swollen legs

Contact Details & Location

Personal treatment room in Wheathampstead

Mobile Tel: 07973411674



 Home visits are also available in St Albans and  Harpenden including the surrounding areas.

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